Sunday, 07 June, 2020

Olympian Michelle Kwan Visited Vegas While Campaigning for Biden


A nine-time U.S. champion of figure skating and a five-time champion of the world, Michelle Kwan visited Las Vegas while campaigning for Joe Biden. The former vice president who runs for 2020 president elections sent an Olympian with hopes that she can engage young voters. 

Kwan’s first stop during Las Vegas visit was the University of Nevada. Biden’s campaigners have set a tent in front of Las Vegas campus. Michelle talked with students who came to register for voting. She spoke to these young voters about the importance of choosing someone who cared about people.

Some younger students didn’t know who the athlete was, but she didn’t mind. As she said, the important thing was that she engaged them in thinking about future elections. Later that day, Kwan and young Democrats met with representatives of the Asian-American and Pacific Islander community in Las Vegas. 

Biden is not the first politician with whom Michelle Kwan works. After she finished her sporting career, Kwan worked on 2016 campaign of Hillary Clinton.

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