Sunday, 07 June, 2020

Dearica Hamby Named the Best Reserve Player in the WNBA

Dearica Hamby WNBA

Dearica Hamby, the Aces forward, won the Sixth Woman of the Year award. That is the annual award given by the WNBA to best reserve players in the league. Hamby won it for the first time. 

The national panel, which consists of sportswriters and broadcasters, voted almost in unison for Dearica Hamby. She won 41 out of 43 votes, while the other two votes went to Aerial Powers, a player of the Mystics from Washington. This award goes to reserve players with extraordinary achievements. To qualify for this award, a player needs to have more games started from the bench than the games started on the court.

This season, Dearica Hamby started 25 out of 34 games from the bench. But that didn’t stop her from achieving incredible results. She has five double-doubles under her belt, which matches the current WNBA record made by a reserve. Starting as a reserve, Hamby spent 21 minutes on the court in 25 games. During that time, she scored an average 9.8 points and 6.8 rebounds. She played as a starter in nine games, spent 33.5 minutes on the court, and scored 14.2 points and 9.7. rebounds. 

One of Hamby’s best performances this year was a game against Dallas Wings when she scored 27 points. That was her career record. This weekend, Darica scored a game-winner in a match against the Chicago Sky and launched her team into the semifinals.

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