Sunday, 07 June, 2020

Martin Truex Storms to the Next Round of NASCAR Playoffs

NASCAR Playoffs

NASCAR post-season opener is in the books, and Martin Truex Jr. took inaugural South Point 400 race. The driver of Joe Gibson Toyota was the fastest competitor at Las Vegas Motor Speedway this past weekend. 

The inaugural race of NASCAR playoffs took place at the famous motorsport racing complex in Nevada. The race consisted of two stages with 267 laps. Joey Logano took the win in the first stage, which Truex Jr. finished in eight place. However, Truex managed to pass Logano and worked his way up to the lead position in the second stage. 

The audience saw 14 drivers changing in the leading position during the race. Truex managed to keep the first position for 32 laps, while 13 other drivers were leading at least during one lap. At the end of the second stage, Joe Gibson Toyota driver came first, in front of Kevin Harvick who came second, and Brad Keselowski was the third.

That was Martin’s fifth win in the season, and with it, he secured the leading position of his JGR team in the entire series. JGR team won 14 out of 27 races this season. With this victory, Truex secured his place for the second out of 10 races in the post-season series.

The beginning of playoffs in Vegas turned out to be hellishly hard for some drivers. The race started later than it was supposed to because the temperature was scorching 100 degrees. Las Vegas native and the champion of the regular season, Kyle Busch, had a tough race. He hit the wall and experienced a lot of problems during the competition. Despite all his efforts, he only got to the 19th place.

After Sin City, 2019 NASCAR playoffs go to Richmond Raceway where the race is scheduled for September 21. 

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