Sunday, 07 June, 2020

Will Las Vegas Be the New Home of Diamondbacks?

Vegas Be the New Home of Diamondbacks

A confidentiality agreement that Las Vegas and Arizona Diamondbacks signed a year ago, recently surfaced to the public. The agreement showed that two parties were discussing and exploring mutual opportunities and benefits. That sparked rumors that Diamondbacks are thinking about moving to Las Vegas. 

The NDA between Las Vegas and the baseball team from Phoenix was signed a year ago. The only thing certain is that they talked about common opportunities. But nobody knows how far the negotiations went or if they are still on-going. Even if Las Vegas made any official proposals to Diamondbacks, there is no way of finding out about it because of the confidentiality agreement. 

The MLB team from Arizona announced they plan to remain on Chase Field, a stadium in Phoenix that has been their home since 1998. However, spokesman of the team also said that Diamondbacks have not determined their future stadium. His statement left enough space for believing that team didn’t entirely turn down the idea of moving to Vegas or elsewhere. 

It’s not a secret that Mayor Carolyn Goodman sees Vegas as a town of professional sports teams. She expressed her intention to have a team from every major sports league in the city. Will Diamondbacks be one of those teams? The future will tell. 

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