Sunday, 07 June, 2020

Unfair Marijuana Licensing Process in Nevada Puts Licensing Chief Off-Duty


A representative of the Nevada Department of Taxation, who was in charge of marijuana licensing, is currently off duty. Some companies accused him that he didn’t conduct the application process regularly. As a result, the district judge froze some of the licenses that he approved.

Jorge Pupo, who used to be in charge for marijuana licenses, is on administrative leave amidst allegations that he didn’t follow the law during the licensing process. According to district judge Elizabeth Gonzales, Pupo didn’t do a proper background check for some bidders, and therefore he favorited them in comparison to others. 

Last year Nevada received 462 applications and issued 61 licenses for marijuana dispensaries. However, some unsatisfied companies who think that the process was corrupted have sued the state. During the court hearing last month, Pupo confessed that the process wasn’t perfect, but he didn’t admit it was unfair. 

Judge Gonzales decided to freeze four questionable licenses, and therefore openings of some dispensaries are now on hold. While spokesperson of the Department of Taxation admitted that Pupo is on administrative leave, they didn’t comment any further.

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