Sunday, 07 June, 2020

Central Perk From Friends Made From LEGO Bricks Comes to Las Vegas


Las Vegas will participate in the celebration of a Friends jubilee. During the weekend of 18–19 October the show will celebrate its 25th anniversary. As part of a celebration, fans can enjoy the life-size replica of Central Perk made from LEGO pieces. 

Artist Nathan Sawaya used 900,000 legos to make a model of the coffee shop in which our favorite Friends characters spent so much time. It took Sawaya four months to build it, and he admits that the most challenging part was replicating upholstery patterns. But it was worth it because this replica resembles the original to the finest details.

From the couch and chairs to the table and the bar — the replicated Central Perk looks just as you remember it from Friends. Not to mention that everything is fully functioning, and you’ll be able to drink coffee or just enjoy a chat with friends. New York-New York will be the home of the LEGO Central Perk. The hotel will also feature an escape room called Phoebe’s Yellow Cab in which you can test your trivia knowledge about Friends. 

If you liked the opening theme of Friends, then you’ll be thrilled to know that you can relive it in real life this October. The iconic orange couch will be placed in front of the fountains in Fountains of Bellagio, and you’ll be able to take a photo on it. The Rembrandts, the band that sings the theme song from Friends, will perform in The Park. And yes, they will play “I’ll be there for you,” alongside other songs from this popular show.

During this celebration weekend, fans of Friends can expect many more surprises in Las Vegas. 

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