Sunday, 07 June, 2020

Woman From Vegas Broke the World Record by Spinning a Giant Hula Hoop

Hula-Hoop World Record

A record for the Guinness book was recently set in Las Vegas. Ex circus performer and fitness instructor, Getti Kehayova, managed to rotate the world’s biggest hula hoop. A diameter of the hoop was 5.18m. She broke the previous record, and earned a place in the famous book of incredible achievements.

Kehayova fell in love with hula hoops when she was a little girl after her sister gave her one as a present. Getti used to perform acrobatics in the circus, and now she works as a fitness instructor. 

More than a year ago, a colleague told Kehayova about the man who set a record with the biggest hula hoop in the world, pointing out that Getti can spin a bigger one. The idea stuck in her head, and she accepted the challenge.

It took more than a year of intensive practice for Getti to prepare for this attempt. The monstrosity of a hula hoop has 5.18 m in diameter and is almost impossible to control. Not to mention that spinning a hoop that large is extremely painful. Every time it touched her body, it felt like a punch in the ribs. To avoid a serious injury, Getti had to wear a protective vest. 

In the presence of her family, friends and neighbors, she managed to spin this extremely big hoop more than three times. That was enough for breaking the Guinness record. It seems that setting world records runs in Kehayova family. Back in the ’80s, Getti’s dad entered the Guinness book as a performer of the biggest perch pyramid. Her sister has a record as a person who spun the biggest number of hoops at once.

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