Sunday, 07 June, 2020

Steven Horsford Wants Rick Perry’s Resignation Due to Radioactive Waste Mishap

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A congressman from the State of Nevada called for Rick Perry to resign from the office of Energy Secretary after the department’s admission of problems with a radioactive waste shipment. According to department representatives, a shipment of low-level radioactive waste that was delivered to a site near Las Vegas might have been mislabeled. And that means it has not been in compliance with safety regulations for a long time.

Democratic Rep. Steven Horsford mentioned last Wednesday that Rick Perry had shown great disrespect for the citizens of Nevada. His actions had lessened the public’s trust in the ability of his department to abide by safety regulations, which are extremely important when it comes to the disposal of nuclear waste.

And this isn’t the only issue that the state of Nevada has regarding nuclear waste. Last year, the department shipped weapons-grade plutonium to the very same site in secret, which resulted in a legal battle between them and the State of Nevada, held in the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

According to Horsford, this only builds more evidence towards the conclusion that the State of Nevada has been forced to comply with the illegal storage of nuclear materials. Because of that, he believes that Rick Perry should give his immediate resignation.

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