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Sale Raises Funds for Parvo Puppies Rescue Group

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In July, 42 puppies were found in an East Colorado Avenue Las Vegas Home. According to Animal Control, they were kept in tiny cages with no water nor food and near feces.

Such a multitude of puppies had to be spread between different rescue groups in the Valley, but they had already been afflicted by the deadly and contagious Parvo virus.

No less than six died from the illness or were humanely euthanized by people from The Animal Foundation.

One of the Home 4 Spot Animal Rescue volunteers, Rebecca Anderson, took in 11 of the puppies. Unfortunately, one died in her care. But the remaining members of the bunch have started recovering nicely. In fact, according to her, although she incurred some costs, she was extremely excited that the ten were getting healthier by the day.

Because of that, she and her peers have decided to host a half-off sale. It will be organized at Dog Junkie’s Thrift Shop in order to raise some money and recover the costs of caring for these 10 dogs. It’s worth remembering that she not only took care of 10 dogs but also helped cure them of Parvo.

And besides, Diana England, another Home 4 Spot member, stated that the story of their efforts wouldn’t be done once they’d gotten their money back. They’d use the remainder of the funds to help similar organizations.

Meanwhile, Sandra Fuentes, in whose home all of the puppies were found, admitted to what she had been doing. Essentially, Fuentes took puppies from all over town, from people who couldn’t have them in their homes anymore. And then, she sold them off to others to make a profit, all out of her own home.

Anderson further stated her hopes that this inhumane disaster proved one thing — back-yard sales of animals are cruel and unsafe. People who do this sort of thing usually don’t know how to take care of so many animals, making their premises the breeding grounds for many different viruses. And these spread extremely fast.

Lastly, Anderson mentioned that they would also be hosting a sale of shirts on the organization’s Facebook page. Also, they’re accepting donations at their website.

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