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Leukemia Ridden Junior Hockey Player Returns to Ice

Boy in hockey team

For Colin Magdon, who plays hockey for the Vegas Junior Golden Knights, the first serious contact with the media has been regarding his battles on the ice. Rather, he has been interviewed by many regarding his fight against the hardest opponent yet — leukemia. 

But almost a year after he was first diagnosed, he has made some progress. In fact, he seems to be ready to make a few appearances on the ice once more. 

Basically, Colin looks nothing different than any other boy who’s eight years old. His Number 44 is visible on the ice once more, as he takes his first steps on the skates, next to his proud father. Once more, he’s out there with his peers, having a good time and shooting goals. 

The father, Keith Magdon, mentioned that he couldn’t be more proud when his son showed that he could step into the world of hockey once more. Obviously, the child’s comeback is pretty eventful, with his diagnosis in mind. It is a miracle that he is able to wear the skates once more. Around this time last year, he started noticing the effects of his sickness. Notably, he started tiring out far more quickly than before.

His son not having the ability to partake in the sport he so immensely enjoyed broke his father’s heart. Especially since young Colin was quickly rising throughout the ranks. He was on track to become a standout, earning a spot on the travel team last year.

But the sudden leukemia diagnosis definitely put his dreams of a future in hockey on hold. Unfortunately, the needed treatment meant that Colin was too exhausted to even walk. Noticeably, as such an energetic boy, he was beginning to get angry at the disease. 

Luckily, the countless rounds of chemotherapy and visits to the doctor made their mark. Quickly enough, little Colin began to recover. And recently, his physician cleared him to get back to playing hockey, at least a little. 

His dad was extremely pleasantly surprised to see him bounce back into shape so quickly after a year’s pause. In fact, it seemed he lost only a minimal amount of skill. And the muscle memory kicked in fast after he got back out onto the ice. Naturally, some cardio training was still needed. 

Basically, his family was ecstatic about seeing Colin play and be happy once more. After all, hockey had been his life for the past four years. That had been his prime motivator in life, and his greatest source of excitement and happiness. With that in mind, his return was a joy to all of his friends and their families as well. Plus, playing once again lets him forget his health issues, at least for a time. 

That’s why Colin’s family has plans to organize a skating tournament, where all the proceeds will go to charity. It will be free to watch, and people will be encouraged to donate. The event will be held on July 20, at the Las Vegas Ice Center, starting at 11:45 a.m.

All of the money raised will be handed to the clinic that treated Colin — Cure 4 the Kids. 

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