Sunday, 07 June, 2020

Court Hearings Resume in Nevada Pot License Suits

Marijuana in the Court

Dozens of businesses have tried to prove that the licensing process for marijuana dispensaries in Nevada is neither constitutional nor fair. And they’ve tried to prove this in court, which has resumed hearings in Las Vegas.

Elizabeth Gonzalez, the District Court Judge for Clark County, has heard a week’s worth of testimonies from companies that haven’t been approved to operate as new dispensaries. It seems that there are issues with the Department of Taxation in regards to the doubling of sales outlets across the state. 

On Monday, Judge Gonzalez mentioned that she was planning for at least four additional days of hearings. 

With sizable money in terms of profits, taxes, and sales at stake in this process, the State of Nevada is defending its criteria for the evaluation process on 462 applications. After it was done, 61 new licenses were awarded to 16 companies in December.

Right now, Nevada is home to 65 recreational and medical dispensaries of marijuana. Most of these are found around Reno and Las Vegas.

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