Sunday, 07 June, 2020

Businesses Near Raiders Stadium Ready for Bigger Traffic

Raiders Stadium from afar

It seems that the Raiders Stadium in Las Vegas won’t be open for another year. However, businesses which are stationed nearby are already looking at how this addition to the Vegas landscape will affect them.

Jesse Rae’s BBQ represents just one of the numerous businesses which are expecting a sizable boost during game days. And they don’t even have to wait for the stadium to be operational for their workload to increase. 

According to Samantha Sideri, who’s working at Jessie Rae’s BBQ, they’ve already got their hands full with serving the countless construction workers in the area. But the increased volume of work isn’t scaring them one bit. In fact, they’re hoping that they’ll get people from all over town to eat at their establishment on game days. That’ll mean a lot for a small family business such as theirs. 

And this isn’t a low increase, seeing as the Raiders Stadium will have the capacity to host 60 thousand viewers. However, the stadium only has an actual 2,400 available parking spots, which may present an issue. But the Chief Operating Officer of the stadium, Don Webb, isn’t worried. He has mentioned that the construction company is in the process of designing a detailed transportation plan, including dispersed and on-site parking. 

That plan includes the possibility of making a partnership with RTC and perhaps simply shuttling people in from nearby parking spaces. 

Pink Jeep Tours also expects much heavier traffic in the vicinity of the stadium once it’s completed. 

They’ve considering the matter of traffic and discussed it at length. While there will be issues with such limited infrastructural abilities, they’re confident they’ll be able to solve them. Carol Keane, who works as a guide at Pink Jeep Tours, said as much herself. In fact, she ascertained that her company was beyond pleased to have the stadium and the team nearby. And the practicalities are something they’ll deal with at a later date. 

Currently, the plan is for the Raiders Stadium to open on time for the first game day, in August 2020. 

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